Saturday, May 23, 2009

Directions to Anyone

Prepare some of your favorite food. Take a walk around the neighborhood, carrying the food. Introduce yourself to someone you do not know, but whom you have seen before. Say your name, find out her/his name, and shake hands. Share the food and have a conversation about your dreams. Document and post on this site.

The performances below were done as performance exchange between Sofia Underground Performance Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria and K.I.D.S., Kindness and Imagination Development Society in NYC.

U7 performance:

Out on the street - a round object - add yellow - make it funny - put the *point* end - and write your request to the participant.

Friday, May 22, 2009

B7 to U7

Излез на улицата, намери кръгъл обект и :
добави жълто;
направи го смешно;
сложи "точка" за край;
и напиши твоето пожелание към участниците.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

U6 to B7

There is someone else that is exactly like you, and you are that someone else today.

1. Cut the hair of a loved one.
2. Kiss the nose of a close friend.
3. Extend both hands towards a stranger and bring them close, out of harm's way.

Where am I, when I'm away?

thx bb.

B6 Instructions for U6

A performance - not related with the known forms of art.
Where am I, when I'm away?
Dance with your grandma's skirt,
holding a picture of something you want, but don't have

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Directions for B6

Hold a dream in your hand.
Is it heavy or light?

Walk around with it.
Then give it to someone.

the good mood machine


My Translation:

Go out and find some stuff, but don't buy anything.
Make them into a functional object.
Try and use it.

B5 instructions for U5

Излезте навън и вземете (намерете) няколко предмета, като никой от тях не купувате. Направете от тях нов предмет, който да има някаква функция. Да видим дали можем да се справим с това днес, когато всичко имаме наготово.

B5 performance




Tuesday, May 19, 2009

U4 instruction to B5


use a "tooth brush"
eat some "crackers"
tell "a joke"
listen to "the radio"
read "the news"
(as if it's (you) in 1998).
_____ ______ _____ _____

Translation of B4 instructions

1. Select една from любимите си books. Вземи I with теб and отиди on място пълно from chorus. Чети it is selected from теб hour is frequent half. нека we shall disassemble caustically chorus ще се спрат yes послушат. Disassemble distances думите могат yes забавят забързаното ежедневие on хората and distances думите имат още force!

2. Select from books. (with, and, on).
it is selected from:
hour is frequent half.
We shall disassemble! (Caustically, chorus.... yes.)
Disassemble distances. Yes.
Photo on, and distances.

3. Books (with, and, on).
Is frequent.
Disassemble distances. Yes.

B4 TO U4 Instructions

Избери една от любимите си книги. Вземи я с теб и отиди на място пълно с хора.Чети избрана от теб част половин час. Нека разберем колко хора ще се спрат да послушат. Разбери дали думите могат да забавят забързаното ежедневие на хората и дали думите имат още сила!

B4 Performance:

Monday, May 18, 2009

U3 instructions for B4

Purchase or acquire a 2009 calendar, the kind with a photograph for every month.
Gather various organic materials to mix and make crude paints. (Crushed flowers, mud, vegetable juice, blood, egg yolks, soot, etc.)
Paint a picture which represents the events surrounding the "Donner Party"
see details here:
Paste your picture over the existing picture for December 2009.

Photograph your altered calendar, opened to December, hanging in your kitchen or office.

U3 performance

played sax @ 34th st

played guitar @ 14th st/ 6th ave

sang @ Times Sq.

Instructions translated as: "Select an object from home (reminiscent of a musical instrument), which can be played. Put attractive. Out on the street, ....... put the hat in front of you ...... to see how much money will izkatrash! :)
process documented with video or photos"

Posted by Sam E.

B3 for U3 instructions

Избери някакъв предмет от дома си ( наподобяващ музикален инструмент) , на който може да се свири . Облечи се атрактивно. Излез на улицата, ....... сложи шапка пред себе си ...... да видим колко пари ще изкатраш! :)
документирай процеса с видео или снимки.

B3 performance

Неочакван подарък - performance

Sunday, May 17, 2009

U2 Instructions to B3

New Instructions:
Make a gift, wrap it nicely, and give it to a stranger. Document the entire process with photography and/or video.

Translation of Instructions to me:
Make a suit and a hat of a newspaper and request salt from a neighbor. 
Document yourself 
as you are requesting.

U2 Performance